Airline launches apartment in the sky. IN THE SKY.

Think flying is awful? Well, for most people, it still is and will be – but Etihad Airways is planning on making that something of the past. At least, for those who can pony up an arm and a leg for an 8-hour flight.

Etihad Airways announced their “residence class” product on their still-to-be-delivered Airbus A380s – also known as “that really giant double-decker aircraft.” But it’s nothing you’ve ever flown before.

Essentially, it’s a full apartment in an airplane. An APARTMENT.

The First Class washroom

The First Class washroom

The lounge in Etihad's The Residence

Your living room in the sky.

The remarkable bedroom in Etihad's The Residence

In Ethiad’s “The Residence,” you even have your own bedroom. Seriously.

The lavatory in Etihad's The Residence

Someday, I want to take a shower on an airplane. I just do.

The lobby area of Etihad's The Residence

This could be the livingroom on your plane for 12 hours from Abu Dhabi to London. It’ll set you back $20,000 each way per person, but it’s only money — right?

The bedroom in Etihad's The Residence

The bedroom in Etihad’s The Residence

Now, it’s not the first plane to have a shower on it – Emirates’ first class product has that – but it IS the first private airline to essentially have an entire apartment in it.

Upstairs on the big bird is a living room, separate double bedroom and attached shower room. Oh – and not to mention a butler, trained at the Savoy Butler Academy in London.

Etihad recently ordered ten of the A380 superjumbo jets, all still on order – but there’s no date set yet for when you might be able to fly in this high luxury.

How much will it cost? It’s rumored to be around $20,000 per person each way from Abu Dhabi to London (and probably in that price range beyond those places) but there’s no doubt it will be more than you can probably afford.

Got some miles to burn? Who knows if you’ll be able to redeem Etihad Guest Miles to fly in ultra-luxury. But if ultra-luxury weren’t unobtainable, it wouldn’t be ultra-luxury – wouldn’t it?