Canadian town tries to sell whale on eBay, fails

You’ve gone on eBay and seen crazy things, right? Maybe something slightly outrageous like a Virgin Mary grilled cheese, a coveted lock of Justin Bieber’s hair, or an imaginary friend for the low price of $1000.

But the Canadians are stepping it up a notch. How about a whale?

As reported by UPI, the city of Cape St. George in northeastern Canada was frustrated by the lack of government assistance (a situation many of us can relate) to remove a washed up 12 meter-long sperm whale carcass weighing 25-30 tons from their beach.

Disposing of a whale this size requires economic resources the town simply can’t afford and, for unknown reasons, the Canadian government isnt interested in helping out with. Cape St. George then made the logical decision to turn to eBay to sell the deceased mammal for a low auction price starting at 99 cents.

It gets even better- free local pick-up!

“Once the fat and flesh is removed you have a spectacular 40-foot skeleton of the largest toothed whale in the world, great for museums and other attractions,” the eBay listing reads. “To prevent it rotting in the town it can be towed to isolated beaches on the Port au Port Peninsula to allow the seagulls and other birds to remove the flesh.”

Warning: before you get too excited, eBay pulled the whale off the site as the price hit $2,000. Mayor Peter Fenwick received a call from the Canadian Federal Department of the Environment saying that selling whole or parts of sperm whales, even if they’re dead, is prohibited.

Who knew, eh?

Mayor Fenwick asked if the department could dispose of the whopper of an animal and he was rejected… Again. Despite the distinctive smell, swarms of scavengers, and rotting flesh, there’s hope for us interested parties yet.

The price has now dropped to zero and anyone interested in a free whale should give the town of Cape St. George a call.