Child poops on plane – entire plane freaks out

So, it may not be your ordinary story about a child going to the bathroom. On a recent Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit, a child managed to pop a squat on the seat…and poop.

Now, while I’d be aghast if my child did that, it’s a child. Gross, but…it’s a child.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – depending on whom you ask – the parents spread newspapers on the seat to catch the, um, waste.

It’s not clear if this was one of those “emergency” bathroom situations, but reports said that passengers (and flight attendant) asked the child (and his parents?) to finish the business in the airplane’s lavatory. The child’s grandfather reportedly argued that the child be allowed to finish his business on the seat (because that’s normal).

Nevermind the rest of the plane complaining about the smell.

The flight attendant, after receiving flak from the grandfather, dropped the subject.

Talk about a crappy flight.

h/t SFGate (not a Chinese site nor a Detroit site…so…?)

(photo not of actual child)