Football fan killed by — wait for it — a toilet bowl

Next time you go to a football (read: soccer) game in Brazil, make sure you keep an eye out for flying toilets — a fan was recently killed by one such great porcelain god in riots following a heated game.

As Reuters reported,

“In front of Gate 6 there was a big fight that resulted in the death of the fan,” police captain Wilson Queiroz was quoted as saying. “The toilet was thrown from the stands and hit him full on.”

Apparently, Brazil is having a streak of violent crime lately, which poses a PR problem as it gets closer and closer to this summer’s World Cup.

I know there’s a thousand ways to die (heck, there’s a TV show about it and a movie soon, too), but death via toilet bowl isn’t one that you’d probably think of. Probably because they don’t normally fly — unless you’re in Brazil.