Man captures dangerous turtle, gives it a giant hug

How’d you like to cuddle with this guy? (the turtle, not the man)


Apparently, there’s a lake in Oklahoma, with giant, prehistoric turtle-things in it.

As reported by GrindTV, Dave Harrell was fishing for catfish when he hooked this beast at Eufala Lake in Oklahoma (who knew Oklahoma had lakes?).

This extremely handsome creature* is an alligator snapping turtle, the world’s largest freshwater turtle.

As shocking as it may seem, alligator snapping turtles have a dangerous bite if given the chance, so it is advised not to play with, touch, go near, or hold one. Yet…this picture proves that not everyone heeds that warning.

“Harrell hooked the beast and brought it to the boat. Then, his friend Audrey Clark of Norman somehow wrestled it into the boat and held it up so a photo could be taken. Clark is a weightlifter, so he estimated the weight of the alligator snapping turtle as being about 100 pounds.”

Yes, this turtle needs a weightlifter to wrangle it. Okrrr.

Now that’s a true friend. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation says alligator snapping turtles aren’t uncommon in Oklahoma, but Clark’s estimated weight makes this one exceptionally larger than those commonly found.

Thanks to Bowser here, I won’t be going swimming in Eufala Lake any time soon. Or Oklahoma.


*term used loosely