Prehistoric Beast Emerges, First Thought: “Man, he’s ugly!”

What the heck is that thing!? Just when we think the ocean can’t get any more dangerous we get a glimpse of the deep (and I mean really deep) blue.

This shark has very rarely been seen and even more rare in the Gulf of Mexico…close to our shores. Measuring around 15 feet long, with virtually no natural predators, this thing would give you a heart attack even before it had a chance to eat you.

As reported by CNN, Carl Moore — a shrimper, realized the magnitude of what he caught as he prepared to measure the beast:

“I was going to take the tape measure, then he flashed around again. I said, ‘Forget the measurement. That thing’ll eat me up!'”

The real question is, what would you do if you saw this prehistoric monster swimming at you full speed?

h/t CNN