San Diego almost fined people $250,000 per American flag flown on Memorial Day

It what seems to be kind of a “duh” moment, the City of San Diego nearly fined local business owners upwards of $250,000 for each flag flown on Memorial Day.

For years, the Lions Club has given U.S. flags out over “patriotic” holidays to business owners in the neighborhood of Hillcrest as a way to raise money for charities for the blind. That was until the group got a letter from the city’s code enforcement people demanding they get a permit for each flag flown — or face fines of $250,000 for each flag that’s flown.

Apparently, the permits required to fly the flags have been needed all along, but nobody ever did anything about it (because it’s dumb, obvi) — until they realized that they should’ve been permit-ed.

As Kim Foote, the president of the Hillcrest-Mission Valley Lions Club told U-T San Diego, “They said we had to have a permit for something that’s never needed a permit before.”


As one would expect, the Lions Club people complained — and sent letters to their members to protest this obvious idiocy. The neighborhood’s City Council member Todd Gloria evidently stepped in, however, and helped cover the $2,000 in city fees for the flag permits.

The idea that a permit has to be granted and a fee paid to fly the flag of the United States is pretty bogus, but maybe someone can argue about that after Memorial Day – at least now that those flags look like they’re going to be flown, and charities for blind will benefit from it as they have for almost 60 years.

h/t U-T San Diego