That fake interpreter from Nelson Mandela’s funeral is now…in a commercial

Apparently, if you do something bizarre in the presence of international leaders, you get to star in a commercial. At least, that’s what happened to Thamsanqa Jantjie — who was allowed (for the day) out of the psychiatric hospital that he was confined to.

LiveLens, an Israeli company that lets users stream video of themselves to their social networks (don’t ask — I don’t understand why), apparently wanted Jantjie to star in the commercial. The company’s spokesperson told UPI “he’s a normal guy” and that it’s “morally right.”

“We decided that the guy who had the worst live show ever would be the best person,” Livelens CEO Max Bluvband told NBCNews.

The company is allegedly not too concerned with the guy being a patient at a mental hospital — though if the mental hospital let him out, that’s all on them anyways — right?

Apparently the National Association of the Deaf have started a boycott of LiveLens as a result. I wonder why…

Check out UPI’s take on this guy: