The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Is this seriously the most important American topic?!

In what has to be considered the most successful public awareness event since the Livestrong Bracelet, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has prompted millions of Americans to douse themselves in varying degrees of chilled water, then posting their screaming humiliation to the internet, prompting others to do the same.

This chain letter gone digital has provoked passionate responses both for and against. Some feel that the movement has cheapened volunteerism, teaching a generation of twitterheads that altruism can be carried out in ten minutes via smartphone, rather than going out into the community and…you know, actually talking to someone in need.

The winner of this is clearly the ALS Association, who as of August 12, 2014 has reported raising $41 million for a disease which, frankly, few people cared a bit about just three months ago.

The losers are those who are sick of every ice bucket video that crosses their newsfeed, coupled with an almost equal number of posts complaining about said videos. Yes California is in a drought — do you really want to do something about it? Turn of the shower when you’re washing your hair?

You want to complain about something? Complain about the reporter who was executed in Iraq, the violence that continues in Ferguson, issues that are current and relevant and deserve attention as well.

Meanwhile, I accidentally spilled my iced coffee on myself this morning. I feel I did my part. Oh, and turn your cameras horizontally when you film…please.

Want some humor? Watch these Ice Bucket Challenge fails: