Woman drops cell phone in toilet — two die

If you accidentally dropped your cell phone in a port-o-potty, would you go for it? Most people would probably call it a day and say no, suck it up, and get a new one. Because…well, you’ve got good judgement.

That apparently escaped a woman in China, whose dropped cell phone meant two died and three ended up in the hospital after spending just a few minutes in a cesspit.

Said the South China Morning Post,

Her husband jumped in to find the 2,000-yuan (HK$2,510) phone but he could not breathe and soon lost consciousness.

Then, the husband’s mother jumped in to save him but she, too, soon lost consciousness. In panic, the young woman followed and suffered the same fate.

Seeing his family lying helpless in waste, her father-in-law called to neighbours for help.

When they arrived, the old man also entered the cesspit but could not get out while two neighbours who jumped inside fainted.

In the end, the husband and mother-in-law died, and the woman, the neighbor, and the mother-in-law ended up in the ICU after making what most would probably consider a pretty stinky decision.